Astrology – What It Is And Isn’t Really

The drama that is unfolding in Egypt is both engaging and confounding as numerous of us ask: “Why didn’t anyone see this coming?” Astrology has some really clear descriptions as to exactly what is happening with the mayhem in Egypt.

Baba Vanga anticipated that the USA would freez up, both the economy and the nation during the reign of the 44th president. Indeed in the end of 2011 it will become so cold in the USA that life will pertain to a complete dead stop. According my estimations she will be very right. Saturn will get in libra conjunct rahu. Saturn already strong will be amplified by rahu. It will be exceptionally cold, life will not be easy since of the severe cold.

You might be losing focus at work or are having issues concentrating. An Get love back can assist you to obtain back that focus and subsequently your performance will likewise enhance considerably.

Presidents Obama will regain his power and respect given that America is under the influence of the Moon. The Nakshatra of Obama is Rohini-Nakshatra, the lord is the moon.

Uriel is considered to be Archangel of the Earth. This implies he is accountable for safeguarding individuals from floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. He is believed to have cautioned Noah of the approaching flood. Some individuals think that Uriel appears in rainbows and storms. Because of this close association with the Earth, Uriel serves as a channel between the Earth and the divine, bringing God’s plan into the material world. Uriel’s season is winter, and his instructions North.

And Mars continuing its lengthy retrograde (start December 20 and ending March 11) made certain that external favorable modifications would slow down (or stop altogether) to keep the focus on the interior recovery.

While we understand that the Earth revolves around the Sun, from Earth, it appears that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Astronomers call the evident path of the Sun around the Earth the ecliptic.

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