Get real – if you think someone else can give you success for a few hundred bucks your wrong. Most of the track records sold are simulated and most systems are junk.

It is not how many flashy cars you drove in your lifetime, but it is the direction and the being used to transport that young person from having no clue what to do to fruitfulness, from being directionless to being focused.

If you are anything like the average teenager or college student, chances are you enjoy making a complete fool out of yourself in public, and more than likely you really couldn’t care less. Take that mentality and apply it to a man who is significantly older than “college student” (though with today’s advances in Employment, you may never know). What happens then? This video is starring an elderly man who is coaxed into dancing to a modern beat by the people who are shooting the video, though it is unclear if they really know him. Most people want to be young forever, and it is clear that this man is young in spirit even if his body isn’t, topped off by what may or not me a “What happens in Vegas”-style hat? Prepare to be overcome with jealousy by his moves.

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve paid someone to prepare your tax returns and when the returns print and you go to sign the second page as the taxpayer, the preparer line reads “self-prepared.” If you see this and you have paid someone to prepare the return, don’t sign it and seek the help of a professional that will prepare, include a PTIN and sign the return.

Are you in college or university right now? Are you taking a business course? Have you ever asked yourself, how many businesses has my professor had? Usually you will find they have never run a business of their own. In most cases they are academics that study business, but never actually have owned one. There is a basic problem in this. They can teach you all they know about the technicalities of business: accounting, organizational development, how to read a balance sheet, etc. Here is what they are missing. No professor in any university can teach you the number one trait of a business owner entrepreneur – their mindset. The only way to acquire it is to do it. I call it “Getting paid for Results”.

Make all efforts to find out from other students and people whether the university actually delivers all it promises or whether the whole course is just eye wash.

Rip-Off #1: Unbelievably Low Price. To some degree, all of us are attracted to low price because we want to work within a budget. But some power washers use price as the bait in order to land a job. They are hoping you are basing your buying decision on price alone and if they are the cheapest, they will get the job. Unfortunately once they get the job they have to take shortcuts in order to make a profit. Professional power washing is not as cheap as some unethical power washers would like you to believe. Make sure you are paying for the level of quality you expect.

Tom Taylor, CPA is a fee-only, independent Financial Planner and Certified Public Accountant and can be contacted at Chesapeake Financial Advisors or Taylor & Company in Towson, MD. Tom believes that the greatest benefit of planning includes incorporating tax strategies with financial planning. Tom’s clients receive both services in one advisor. He is a member of NAPFA and the MACPA and AICPA.