Everybody who has been through the process of buying a home will attest that it can turn into a very daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing. I wish I knew what I know now when I first bought my first home. I would have saved a lot of money that we needed back then.

Prepare well and be alert: As soon as the seller puts out a “buy my home”, “buy my house now” or “need to sell my house fast” advertisement for the buyers, get a pre-approved credit and a final number for the amount you can bid for the home. Examine the selling prices of similar homes in the area and work with this price. Remember not to pay more than a realistic market price for the area.

Before purchasing a home, you have to know if the home needs major repairs or not. In knowing this, at least you can decide if you want to buy the home or not. If ever you want the home, knowing that there are some that needs to be repaired, you can plan for it and allocate budget for it.

Once you have made a choice and would like to make an offer on a home, don’t be afraid to talk with the owner or their real estate agent. Sound out the situation and what is to be included and excluded from the sale. In many instances, you may be able to reach a tentative deal with the owner even before you write up the offer. Determine which issues are negotiable and which ones are firm. This can save time and avoid counter-offers and counter-counter-offers.

There are some things that you can count on a home inspection teaching you about the property. such as the overall condition of the house. However, you should ask questions even if it is not a concern about some things. Here are some things to think about.

Dodge purchasing the most high-priced residence on the street. The most advantageous condition is to acquire the most awful domicile in a accomplished area, rather than the finest house in the most awful area. “Location, Location, Location” is true!

Meaning this, inspectors that takes several days, especially during the workweek to deliver reports creates a lot of problems. This is because: Most inspectors I know have very good memories, but good enough to have 4-6 reports backed up and waiting to be written? No, of course not. Myself, I have most of my report done when I’m leaving the inspection, thanks to the advent of a portable tablet style laptop ( a necessity in my book) I could probably go “out to the truck” and send it out. I don’t though. I insert my photos and proof read my work and send it out later that day or by the next morning or so. We all have ways that work for us, I just don’t see how many inspectors can write accurate reports several days after leaving the job site.

Air duct cleaning can have a lot of benefits and you should take advantage of them all. Remember at the end of the day the most important reason is that your home air should be as clean as possible. We all work hard so why not make sure we are in a clean environment in our home? Call today and set up a free in home inspection.