Upstate of what New York City dwellers think of as upstate – in Plattsburgh, suburb-of-Montreal, N.Y., there’s a tremendous resource for bibliophiles, students, children, and just plain readers, known as the Cornerstone Bookshop. Despite all it has to offer on the printed page and on vinyl (records), it’s number one gift just might be laughter.

April? That’s right, it’s early April…a raw, rainy Saturday afternoon, but Stassi’s United girls are loving it. The rain and the mud are part of the fun. They’ve just shut out the other team four-zip, and despite the rain they happily kneel on a blanket, clowning for some post-game photos. It’s those other people huddling in the rain who don’t seem to be enjoying it. But that’s ok…they’re just grown-ups. What do they know about fun?

The study looked at more 1,400 Germans who had heart attacks between 1999 and 2003. The average age of these folks was 60. One out of four were women.

ALYSSA- my niece, was far less outgoing than her twin older sisters. Small, but solid, she had no team-sport experience at age 10 when I enrolled her in Lionville Youth League Wide soccer cleats in an attempt to open her up. As she’d signed up late, her first time on the field they put her into a game. She didn’t know anything about positions and rules (“What position are you playing?” I asked, just before she went in. “I’m a captain.” she said), but made up for it with such agility and aggressiveness the coach was near tears when I moved her on to a traveling team a year later.

Do whatever you can think of to get out of the house and mingle with other people. This is how you meet new women, or people who can introduce you to new women.

Higgins’ daughters are adults now, but he’s still making little girls — and boys – smile. At the bookstore, he’s the one who gives post-it note encouragement badges and will dance or wear a funny hat, Groucho glasses, or let them in on a secret – he’s really from Planet Z.

The position of this story is this: a retail retailer display that connects with your shoppers, and generates an practical knowledge of which they want to be part, will boost your sales.