There are two types of email. These are known as POP which stands for Post Office Protocol or IMAP which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. You should discuss the best method for your email setup with your website hosting company and it can be changed easily. All email setup should be included with your website hosting package although often you will be charged extra for additional addresses.

It well brings up a new window with several options on it. Click the option entitled “Add”. It well bring a menu out with three options click the one that says “Mail”.

Now we need to adjust some properties with the email account you just created. To start go to the page with all the accounts listed. Highlight the one you just made by clicking on it. Once highlighted click the “Properties” button.

Once that was set up, Outlook would receive email from my regular email server as always, but transmit it by way of the new SMTP relay. As far as somebody else would be able to see, nothing had changed (my email address was the same before and after), but now I would be able to transmit from anyplace on Earth that had an Internet connection.

Regardless, you can instant message with any of your friends on Windows Live Messenger or Hotmail. I signed in to a different outlook login on my laptop and I used Windows Messener to instant message myself. It worked efficiently.

You will then be directed to your account’s overview, which includes the headings of ‘Account information’, ‘Password reset information’, and ‘Other options’. Under the ‘Account information’ heading, click on the ‘Change’ link that is located next to your password which is hidden by asterisks. You will then be led to the ‘Change your password’ page.

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