Learn How Subliminal Message Software Can Re-Program Your Psyche

Use the power of subliminal message in advertising. A lot of experts believe that subliminal messages are ineffective in marketing. For me not completely. Just imagine the effect of “Just Do It” of Nike. Every time you come across the line, what do you remember? Yes, Nike!

Here’s the difference: The well-trained mind looks at your strengths, not your weaknesses, and knows that weaknesses should be considered as areas of improvements. The weak mind will be overcome by these weaknesses, the strengths completely eclipsed.

They gave this form to all people who had just had their car serviced. There were two blank spaces on the form. The first one entitled the person whose name was filled in to a 10% discount on their next car service. The second space was for the person who had just had a service.

The only kind of being an obedient wife that has been proven to work involves showing very brief text or a simple picture to an audience so briefly they do not consciously perceive it. Other kinds of subliminal messaging has been tried, but there is no evidence that it has any effect. Flashing anything longer than a word or two, or playing recorded speech backwards doesn’t work.

Secondly, after relaxing, you allow your mind to focus more of its energies on whatever questions or creativity you wish. But the hardest part is, truly relaxing.

Let’s not talk about what went wrong, because really, it’s all a matter of opinion (like this article). Let’s talk about something completely different (another opinion, but hear me out).

First of all, you can use subliminals for self-help: you can improve your self-confidence, treat acne, improve your relationships with the opposite sex and much more with the help of special subliminal messaging computer programs. One of such programs is Subliminal Flash (by Ded Pyhto, Inc); you can search it on Google and download for free.

One thing is sure, if you think about it, you already know that what defeats you when you’re trying to lose weight is not the food. It’s your mind giving in to the temptations in front of you. Change your mind and you can change your life.

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