Are you finding you don’t have the knowledge to participate in conversation? Do you feel like you are the only one who can’t respond to a question on a new age subject? Have you fallen behind in computer skills? Do you still carry your old cell phone? Well if this sounds like you, you aren’t alone. As we get older we tend to fall back on our old skills and conversation, not realizing that many people your age, have surpassed you in the newer knowledge of the world.

Born Leona Johnson in a suburb of Williamsburg, Ohio, she and her twin sister, Lois, performed together prior to her marriage to guitarist Chet Atkins. The twins used the assumed names of “Laverne” and “Fern” with Leona being “Laverne”. The pair sang on the Cincinnati radio WLW in the 1940s. It was at this station that a musician named Chet Atkins appeared to play the station’s “Boone County Jamboree” when the two became acquainted. The couple married in 1946, ironically the same year that sister Lois married Jethro Burns of the Country musical comedy team of “Homer & Jethro”. After her marriage, Mrs. Atkins performed very little, choosing instead to concentrate on supporting her husband’s career and raise daughter Merle, who was born in 1947.

Obama is being lambasted by the suddenly gun loving Hilary Clinton for his naked honesty about bitter small town whites who take comfort in church and guns. Hell that is one of the most powerful demographics America has. Gun lovers and church going fundamentalists put the fear of organized lobbyists in every American politician, if Jobs had that much support, and I mean real Education, not teacher’s unions, we would actually have kids learning something of value in our schools, in fact we might even have a kinder, gentler nation, promised so many years ago, by who? I can’t remember. But whoever it was I am sure raised wonderful thoughtful, compassionate children who are making a profound difference on the evolution of mankind.

There are people who never finished high school, have limited ability to read, and who overcame horrific obstacles to be the success that they are today. These people had the option to give up on their dreams and to settle for life as it came to them. When circumstances stated that they didn’t have a chance, they just kept on for their dream.

You will only get one chance to make that first impression, so the onus is on you. Know what you want to portray and to emphasize; stay focused on the goal of being hired.

Not all home purifiers are the same, of course. Some remove only chlorine. Others remove every chemical contaminant that you can think of, as well as traces of heavy metals. If the system includes an ion exchange step, it will also balance the mineral content and further improve the taste.

Okay, the first thing you have to do is go through the actual points that you’re trying to get across that will be identical to each market. These are the points that you need to make sure you cover in both versions of your video. In most cases, these points will be standard and not really the deal breakers for converting the prospect into a customer. The reason is simple. Most basic points are features rather than benefits. Why does this matter? Because people don’t REALLY buy based on features. They buy with their gut or heart. And that’s where benefits come in.

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