Processing Credit Cards At Art Shows And Craft Festivals

Regardless of who processes your credit and debit card transactions, chances are you are overpaying. By following a few simple guidelines you can cut your credit card machine processing costs by as much as 20% or more!

No more do you have to go and buy a cheesy, tame costume from Target. Spirit Halloween has a vast variety of costumes available from baby through adult. Some are tasteful while others are a bit more scary or risque. The best part is that there isn’t a huge price tag to go with your one stop shopping Halloween store. You can buy costumes, candy baskets, scary Halloween decor, and even lighted bracelets to keep your children safe while they trick or treat at night.

Keep in mind that when you offer credit card processing, you’ll probably have to pay processing fees. You may need to raise your prices a bit to compensate for this. Another option is to only process cards for orders over a certain amount. If you have to pay $1 per card process, you may want to steer clear of processing cards for orders that are less than $5.

Think about how you pay for things these days. How often do you have cash or your checkbook on hand? If you are only accepting cash or check payments then you will hear, “I forgot to bring my checkbook”, “I forgot to stop at the ATM” or “Can I pay you next week?” more than you should. You can significantly reduce this by accepting credit or debit cards. This also allows clients to use money from their health savings account (HSA) which are typically accessed by a debit card. Some practice management systems have the ability to integrate with credit card merchants, which means you don’t have to manually enter the payments into client ledgers separately if you had a stand-alone free credit card terminals.

As with Kiosks, you will need a business license and a resale number. Again, these are issued by the city in which you are doing business, a fee is charged, and the license is usually valid for one year. Resale permits are required and are free. Check with your City Hall for more information on both these items.

Gift shop sites can be leased as a temporary tenant (month to month) or leased for a year or more. Length of lease will depend on the agreement you and the landlord decide upon.

Supplies should be bought separately by you. Try to find them at a cheap rate. Discounts are provided in buying bundle packages. Paper rolls and printing heads should be bought separately as the providers of the machines charges more money for them.

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