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I’d like to put a little “twist” on several common topics, I’m sure you’ve probably heard or read about these topics online, possibly sometime recently. Why?… Because I’d REALLY like to try and thrust you into a brainstorming “frenzy”. I want you to really think (and hopefully understand) why certain selling methods and techniques are so vital to your business……And how easily you can implement many of them into your everyday sales efforts….

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) came up with a solution: styles. Now, all major browsers support Cascading Style Sheets that allow a developer to place presentation code in one file, and content in another.

The design does not mean just the look of the page, but the designer must master SEO and the user experience elements. The design must work well in different smartphones, tablets, netbooks and desktop computers, which have different screen sizes and resolutions.

A computer with plenty of storage space on the hard drive, a speedy internet connection, a laser printer that can handle large-scale print jobs. Don’t forget the fax machine, you’ll need it for those contracts you’ll be sending to future clients to sign and fax back. You may also want a digital camera to take photos for advertising purposes that can be easily uploaded to your computer and displayed on your website. And don’t forget those office basics like file folders, organizers, and the staple machine!

Use colored text indicate links (blue is the traditional one) and to emphasize important concepts or points. Too many different colors make your text hard to read, and it surely will looks unprofessional. You are designing a web page, not a circus poster!, I recommend never using more than 3 colors of text, including the black text.

thiết kế web đà nẵng is one of the more mystifying parts of starting your own website. Unless you are a “design person,” you may not know much about what looks good or bad, and what works and doesn’t work. This site is simple and straightforward, and has lots of easy explanations with screen shot examples.

The competition is tough and the requirements for the content high. If done professionally, the video can dominate the user experience and call the user to action effectively. It is one of the best lead building mediums. The video is always personal, so it is a great way to build the brand.

A well created web design acts as the face of the entire website and the organization as a whole which it is representing. A visitor of the website decided to stay, continue or exit from the page in the initial few seconds depending on the design. Hence, there’s no harm in saying that effective web 2.0 design is the supporting pillar of a successful online representation of any organization.

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