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Moms love homemade gifts. Homemade gifts are great for Mother’s day because they show how much you appreciate and love your mom. Crafts for Mother’s day are great because they can get the whole family involved in making something for mom. Here are four easy crafts to make for mom on Mother’s day that anyone can make.

Children’s rooms are prone to stuffed animal clutter – and guess what? Those little bundles of artificial fur and stuffing are little resorts for dust mites. If your child is deeply attached to armies of animals, please limit the number that actually live on the bed. And wash those stuffed animals regularly as well – in very hot water.

I like to keep my coffee table clear out of anything extra. I used to have books, reports and magazines there, but I realized, that their place is somewhere else. Put the books to a bookshelf and magazines to a magazine racks. If you have CDs, try to get a CD rent storage container for easy storage. Naturally you want to make sure, that the CDs are inside their covers first. By that way they don’t gather dust and stay in good condition much longer. You might even want to buy a box for CDs which can be then located in a drawer or someplace else out of the sight.

When you are going to do home improvements think about where you live. It’s better to install central air in warm climates and a fireplace in regions that have cooler weather. Such a climate would also be well-suited to a swimming pool, which would be less appropriate in an area with long, hard winters.

Make a waterscape out of a clear plastic bottle. Fill the bottle with a clear vegetable oil and blue food coloring. Add things to the bottle that would be in the ocean, such as shells and little fake fish. You can even add glitter to give it something extra. Just be sure to glue the lid on once complete to avoid any accidents.

Mark the spot with a stick so the next time you go to bury food scraps you aren’t digging in the same location. Then you simply repeat this process through the year. When it comes time to put you plants in the ground, mix your soil by turning it over with a pitchfork or garden tiller and you will mix in all the vermicompost that was created.

Another suggestion is to use a bit of Styrofoam. You can place the Styrofoam over the top of the container where you will be placing the knives. Cut the Styrofoam so that is matches the shape of the container. You can pack a piece of Styrofoam on the bottom of the container, stick the knives in and then place another piece of Styrofoam on the top. The methods that are listed above are a lot safer than just throwing everything into the box, where you can end up hurting yourself when you try to remove the items from the box.

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