Every comics enthusiast has dreamed to be able to make your own super villain. well, in this article i’ll give you the knowledge you need in order for you to know what it takes to: Make your own Super Villain.

This year I’m thinking something simple. Something patriotic. Something that comes with a Lasso of Truth and matching bullet-deflecting cuffs (because I hate calling them bracelets).

LT: What was your reaction when the comic got labeled transgendered since it does not seem you set out to do that but perhaps more a Ranma 1/2 type deal?

Each week on Wednesday you will see the new Burlesque Webcomic “Tease Time”. In it’s first episode Artist David Herrick has introduced ‘Marty’ the Mustache Man and a huge outdoor stage where there is a show in progress. Check out local Portland, OR. comic book stores at locations such at the Floating World alpha 20 NW 5th Ave. #101, Portland, OR. 97209. Each week this column will seek to expose a new episode of TEASE TIME A Burlesque Webcomic, as well as get to know local Comic Houses, so rich in Portland Oregon. Stay tuned next Wednesday for another riveting episode of TEASE TIME.

First of all, exercise must become a part of your daily routine. It only takes 30-40 minutes per day to make a huge difference in health. You are probably thinking you don’t have time as it is. I listen to my self improvement courses while working out everyday so I can knock two things out at once.

The mysteriously named A.S. is back with his or her opinion on why a large percentage of comic book creators are men and not women. Today’s comic world has a small women fan base but the amount of women creators is even much smaller than that. A.S. offers up some suggestions on why there are not more women creators.

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