I am getting to know the different techniques of massage. It was my birthday recently and I was given a massage voucher, which I was looking forward to using. Being late in the afternoon, it was a perfect way to finish the day, an ideal happy ending. Massage has always helped me to feel relaxed, peaceful and sleepy.

However, the deep zen meditation does seem to click and furthermore, the audio stimulation it provides does help one to relax. It is based on stimulating your brain waves, the theta waves in particular. Here is how it works or alleges to work, the binaural wave program is supposed to affect the theta wave brain frequency thus helping you reach a deepest state of meditation. Sounds like a sound byte from a sci-fic novel, doesn’t it? Well, that happened to be my first thought as well. Anyway, to get back to the topic at hand, the deep zen meditation audios affect your brain and with repeated sessions, your brain starts to tune into the learn to meditate baltimore zone. This affects your brain, allowing you to deal with the stress factor and helps you achieve that perfect state of relaxation.

At one point a desert people forgot their spirituality. The Creator brought about these desert people; after a time all became sinful except for one man, I’itoi (Elder Brother). The Creator warned I’itoi of a flood which would come and sent him to the top of Baboquivari Peak, a sacred mountain. The flood destroyed the desert people. After the flood, I’itoi helped the Creator create the Hohokam, from which the Tohono O’odham are descended and taught the people right from wrong. They lived in harmony for a time, but eventually turned on I’itoi and killed him; his spirit went back to Baboquivari Peak and remains there today. The man represents birth (of individual, of family, of tribe). The turns of the maze are changes in his life.

I always found the foot massage chart on the wall quite fascinating. It shows all the organs in the body and where they are represented on your foot. It was always interesting when my therapist found a tender spot. I would look at the foot massage chart to see what organ the point related to. It is something you can learn to do for yourself at home, but lets face it girls, self massage is never the same as an hour with a massage therapist!

The primary reason to become a spiritual reader is to further yourself and others on the Spirit Path. It is a mechanism that allows the Spirit Guides and Teachers to help guide you in your journey through this life. Service is the key concept, and it can be service to yourself or others, but it cannot be used in any manner that is not compatible with the Universal Good. If you misuse your spiritual gifts, you will learn about karma in an up close and personal way. If you associate with a group of people that are on the Spirit Path, you are protected by your intent to be of service.

And I did! Abraham explained that allowing was basically the absence of resistance, something that was actually not easy to accomplish! Aha! I thought. So it wasn’t just me.

One can measure the state of the Bliss Sheath by analyzing whether man is agitated, worried, angry, discontented etc. or whether he is happy, contented, jovial etc. At a gross level it is believed that man attains joy or sorrow due to the influence of objects, individuals or circumstances. Yet a deeper analysis tells us that this is totally illogical. Each aspect has varied viewpoints. Man is happy or sad depending on what his thinking is.