So, you have bought a lovely new stone house number, engraved beautifully with your house number, perhaps with an ornate border or a motif of your favourite pet. You have to fix the sign to your house. You could simply have the stone drilled and screw the sign using stainless steel screws and rawlplugs, however this will mean the screw heads showing on the face of the stone. Not a pretty sight! Or you could be smart and fix with a hidden pin.

Along the way, there were the obligatory stops. We would occasionally climb atop some of the huge boulders along the trail to gain a higher perspective of the two lakes and the wilderness below. We took photos of the views and of each other. And of course, Trevor just had to throw a few rocks as he peered over some of the cliffs and sheer drops along the trail. Hey, every 10-year-old boy in his right mind is going to want to do that! And maybe even a 49-year-old boy, too! Naturally, his mother and I always kept vigilant watch over him, ensuring he maintain a minimum safe distance from the edge.

For those who carry balances on their credit cards, high interest rates have resulted in higher monthly bills, with many seeing their minimum payment increase substantially. Fortunately, now, more than in recent years, 0% credit cards offer a safe harbor from high rates. There are two basic types of 0% credit cards: those that offer a 0% rate on balance transfers, and those that offer a 0% on purchases. The best credit cards offer 0% interest on both. How much savings can these credit cards provide? Let’s take a look at the math.

Then on the second Sunday in June I was approached by a friend that was assisting in the organizing of the 50th anniversary events and he asked me if I would be interested in representing my grandfather during various ceremonies. It was like something clicked inside my head. My family back home was all together, they had each other. My grandfather had me.

Moving up the chain is the traditional travel trailers. These units tend to be bigger, although some trailers are as short as 10 feet, and they come with a pricier tag beginning about $10,000. These RVs must be towed by vehicles that can handle the load and often need load distribution and sway control devices to stable it during transport.

There is hope though. With each warm day that goes by, the snow melts a bit more. While it’s true that there will be snow in some of the highest spots all the way till the snow starts falling again, most of the trails will be back down to dirt, rocks, and decomposed Giza Stoneworks soon enough. We will be able to get to Wrights Lake, Twin Lakes, Mt. Tallac, and many others. It will just be a little later this year.

The first type of RVs is the motor home and the second type is the trailers. When considering which type to buy, it is important to keep in mind your budget, lifestyle, amenities and the amount of time you plan to stay in the trailer. The benefit of any recreational vehicle is the freedom to take to the roads while bringing a little bit of home with you.

Old Mill was condemned by the City of Cottonwood Heights in 2005. The current owners have stated they have no plans to renovate the building. Old Mill is private property and there is no trespassing allowed.