As we anniversary two years of home values decreasing it is any one person’s best guest as to when the real estate “bubble” will be completely empty and out of air. I can tell you that with the decrease in home values and recession economy, if there was ever a time to get in on a great real estate deal, the time is right now. Homes that ended up in some type of foreclosure were up 79% in 2007 over the previous year (Associated Press, January 29, 2008). In 2008 foreclosures continue to rise at a ramped rate. Nevada, California and Florida lead as the top three states for foreclosures in the United States. In Florida, one is every 282 homes are in foreclosure.

If it is possible, try to make additional installments. Each week, as opposed to the typical repayments, will help decrease your mortgage over the years. If you find the chance to dedicate a lump sum payment for your mortgage, get it. As these lump sum payments start working, you will feel the effect of having a cheaper interest. The mortgage calculator you can use for this is the lump sum payment calculator.

A wholesaler is not looking for the prettiest house on the block. Curb appeal means nothing to this person. In fact the wholesaler is usually drawn to the ugliest house on the block. If that bargain property can be purchased from a motivated seller for a low enough price, somewhere there will be an investor or a rehabber who will purchase it.

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You’re Safe!: When dealing with foreclosure properties it is critical to get it inspected even if it is a newer home. People that have trouble making their mortgage payments typically don’t spend any money on maintenance. Foreclosure properties are sold “as is” so it is especially important to know what you are buying, what repairs need to be made and any other issues such as foundation or roofing issues. You may still decide to purchase the property even if there are some minor repairs needed; it all depends on what you are using the home for and your budget.

By Zionism we mean political Zionism of the modern state of Israel today which seeks to make Palestine a homeland for Jews as opposed to religious Judaism. It is not representative of the ancient Jewish people in the Bible nor of religious Judaism as non-Zionist Jews attest.

Once the entire house including carpets has been cleaned, you should get receipts from the cleaners and show them to your property owners. This will leave a good impression on them. They will likely allow you to use their property again as you take care of their property.