It’s a joy to be able to travel to new places, explore different cultures and visit the many wonders of the world. Traveling broaden our horizon, widen our perspective of life and most importantly, it could help us relax.

Before living, advice your neighbor or other relatives about your where around during the planned trip. Be sure that all house equipments are turned off and have the doors locked. Switch on the answering machine to keep track of incoming calls.

You not only want a vacation, you NEED a vacation. You should get away and repair yourself. If you’re retired it doesn’t mean you stop working. Sometimes you’re doing even more than before and wonder when you even had time to hold down a job. Everyday chores and home life can take a lot out of a person. And if you’re still working that 9 – 5 job, you REALLY need a vacation. You need time away from cell phones, computers, co-workers, everyday life and just take a breather.

Ask yourself: “What is the purpose of my trip?” If you are on that trip for just a day or two and your travel itinerary will be jam-packed, don’t bother staying in a plush hotel with complete facilities as you won’t have time to use them anyway. The rule of thumb is to stick to the essentials. Why eat in an expensive restaurant when one of the budget food joints can offer you the same local cuisine? Why stay in a very expensive hotel if you’ll be out and about the whole time?

When traveling with children, bring along a few over the counter medications. Even if everyone is healthy when you leave, a stomach bug or headache can hit at any time. Finding a spot to buy medications while you’re traveling can be difficult, and middle of the night sicknesses can make everyone grumpy.

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Give everyone in the family their own disposable camera. The family vacation scrapbook is about the whole family so let them participate. You never know what kind of memory will be captured by someone else behind the camera.

And of course you don’t need to actually purchase blank scrapbooking calendar pages from your office supply or scrapbooking supply store either. Think of how often you just toss out calendars after the month or year is over; keep these for your scrapbooks. Many have really nice print or photos that can also be used and can really dress up your pages. You can also make up blank scrapbooking calendar pages easily enough on your computer. Just make a table in Microsoft Word and use a fancy font for the month’s name, and presto! You have your own blank calendar. Work with it a bit and you’ll find it’s much easier than you might have expected.