Bring Out The Kid In Dad For Christmas With The Best Toys For Grown Ups

Wedding entails a lot of traditions to follow. It may not be a tradition to give gifts to other people in the entourage other than the couple but this time giving gifts to their parents can be a good start of a new tradition.

What about towels, dish towels, pot holders, and the like? Do you have a box of them stored away for when the ones you are using wears out for good? Get some of them out and make a nice box. Add a new bar of soap and you will have a complete set.

No-No 3. Collectibles and knick-knacks. After a woman has owned a home for five years or more, they usually have a house full of these items. Collectibles, like angels, cats, etc are always sweet. But beware of buying these. If she has been collecting for years, she may have too many and no space for them. Then they become a no-no.

A Set Of Fishing Lures – Many top fishing lure manufacturers make set of fishing lures that make great fishing gifts. Basically these “sets” include 3-6 different fishing lures of varying sizes/colors so that the angler that you’re buying them for can try them all out. Here’s an example of these fishing lure sets. A set of fishing lures is one of those great fishing gifts that any angler will appreciate.

Dominoes. Want a fun time with your favorite senior citizen? Why not gift your favorite senior citizen with a nice set of dominoes and then set up a weekly domino night. You can bake a loaf of banana bread and run on over one night a week for some good clean fun with your favorite senior citizen.

Everything magnetically attaches gift ideas him her birthday to any metal surface but it’s perfect for the bottom of your refrigerator. This toy keeps our little girl happy while I am cooking or getting her meals together. Very entertaining, and there are enough pieces to capture her attention for a while. The Fridge Farm can be found at your local Houston Wal-Mart for about $15, and a dollar more at Target or Babies R Us.

ELECTRONIC GAME PLAYERS, now it is the time they come all new to the market. We have the DS, with dual screen. They are more complicated and sensitive than the classic Game boy toy. The top DS electronic game can have wireless and the kids can talk between them. The games cost around 30 bucks, and the market is full of them. You can buy them almost everywhere, in Wall Mart, they have them for 149.36 dollars, and the Lite DS game costs $119.00. At Amazon, I saw the Titanium model for 95.00 dollars, used. Still, this DS is cheaper than the Play Station 3, with will be more that 300.00 bucks (if you can find it). Play Station 3 is also very cool, but very expensive.

SKATEBOARDS are always kids’ favorites. If your boy is a starter skateboarder, you can buy him the Schwinn Model 102, is cool, well built and costs 24.99 dollars. For pro skaters we have the Birdhouse Tony Hawk skate, for 99.00 bucks, and the new thing, the 14 wheelers, cool skateboards for do the best tricks, they have 14 wheels and allow 145 grades turns. Do not forget to buy the helmet, there are specific skateboarding helmets in the stores, and they cost around 40.00 dollars. There are plenty of accessories and DVD videos you can buy to complete your gift, like ramps, or clothes.

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