How To Green Up Your Lawn

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Windows need to be cleaned and repaired so buyers can look outside unencumbered. If the blinds are missing slats replace them or remove window coverings altogether.

Grass clippings are the most green mulch with a high water content. They decompose rather rapidly and have an odor so use this mulch in a remote area of your yard. Because of the high water content, they can be slimy and slippery. Use grass clippings to cover open, unplanted areas or bare spots on your lawn. If pesticides are used on your lawn then do not use this mulch where you want to plant flower wax cartridges beds and of course not near your vegetable garden. You can also mix in grass clippings (untreated only) to your compost bin.

Have you ever worked with someone who “Noodled?” You know, the person who is always running just a little behind everyone else. They leave something behind as they are leaving the house or office, they don’t have everything they need at a meeting or sporting event? Of course you do! We all do. If we talked with their parents and asked them what they were like as kids, what do you think the parents would say? You got it – they were noodlers from the beginning!

Now here is where it really gets exciting. Once you make your decision as to what your life looks like, and continue to take action toward that destination, the rest falls into place.

Duckweed wax cartridges gets its name from being a favorite food of ducks. It can make up a larger part of duck’s diet where it is available, but ducks will seldom eat enough duckweed to control the growth rate or to have a noticeable effect on pond surface area coverage.

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Take the time to tuck your landscape in for the winter and your plants and flowers will show their appreciation come spring. When you are done, sit back, take off your garden gloves and bid your yard goodnight.

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