How To Treat A Bed Bugs Infestation

There is one thing which bed bugs just cannot withstand and that is extremes in temperature. If it gets too hot or too cold they will simply die off. Why not take advantage of this fact when considering how you are going to kill bed bugs in your home? It is after all, non toxic, safe for animals and humans and if you use heat you can do it yourself without having to spend $1000s on professional pest control companies.

To do the cleaning you will need: A handheld vacuum or a regular vacuum that has a soft brush attachment, Woolite fabric cleaner, water, an empty plastic spray bottle, the spray attachment for a water hose (if you plan on cleaning it outdoors), a shower head that is detachable (if you plan on cleaning it inside in the shower or bathtub), white vinegar that is distilled, electric fan or hair dryer, and a plastic tarp to put the mattress on if you’re cleaning it outside.

One of the tips to providing comfort for yourself is to find the right material for your Mattress. With the technology of today the mattress has become a marvel of science. You can now purchase visco foam, memory foam, and even air adjustable mattresses for a good night’s sleep. You will want to test these materials for yourself at your local dealer before you buy. The electric adjustable bed also has become popular and affordable for many individuals. On a general bases if you sleep on your side and back you will want a mattress with more support. If you sleep on your stomach you may want a Leesa Mattress Coupon Code that provide more cushion for yourself. For special problems you should consult your physician for advice on what type of mattress is best for you.

It has long been the practise to use a combination of steam and insecticides to kill bed bugs. However, as you are no doubt aware insecticides can be extremely harmful to health. With this in mind it is probably not the best idea to spray your mattress and box spring as well as most of the other areas in the room in which you sleep with them. In fact, many professional pest control companies will no longer carry out this practise for fear of lawsuits from customers in the future.

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