Kolte Patil Life Republic: A Meaningful Way Of Life

As a work at home mom, time is your most precious asset. You want a business that takes as little time as possible, but still makes money. This is not to say that you do not have to work at an online business. You do, but you need a WAHM business that will operate with minimum attention once you set it up.

Sometimes it comes down to going with your gut. Basing the call on your experience. Or giving the customer or prospect enough rope. And then putting them on the back burner. Because we all, as business development and technical professionals, have a lot of things we need to do for those customers and prospects who aren’t playing games with us.

The beauty of this type of WAHM business is that once you set up your website, people keep coming to it. If you need to take a week off for a family vacation, viewers keep coming to your website and they keep clicking the links that pay you money. If the kids get sick, and you do not have time to work on the website, don’t worry. It will run itself until things are back to normal.

Receiving and dialling Abba Moro phone calls is done through Bluetooth so no messy wires there. For music, again, there is no wired connection as the SurfaceSound Compact will automatically stream music to your car stereo. The only cable you have is one for charging the iPhone.

Logically, why should WE pay for our commute in the first place? Commute is often not an important consideration when businesses choose their location. There is neither government nor business supported program for decreasing commute, thus saving OUR money. They simply do not have a strong incentive to care. We, commuters, do, and Global Warming and air pollution is a big concern as well.

I did my follow up:multiple attempts to contact this company over a three week period, via email, voice mail, etc. (yes, I got to 10 attempts). Then I figured, you know, we are LinkedIn contacts. The company sees my activity. I am not interested in being treated like a stereotypical vendor who is expected to keep pursuing them like a greyhound chasing that rabbit around the racetrack, hungering for their “bait.” C’mon man.

Take your time. Read the corporate culture. And go with a green web hosting provider that works hard for your success. After all, isn’t that what you want in an on-line business partner.

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