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October has just arrived and although many people are planning their Halloween costumes or thinking about how they are going to carve their pumpkin, I am sitting in anticipation of one of my favorite events in St. Louis: Oktoberfest.

I have this friend named Kathy. Well, she’s been in and out of relationships for as long as I’ve known her and we’ve been friends since high school. One day I get this email, she’s getting married. OK, this is Kathy’s fourth marriage and I’m concerned. True I haven’t seen her for a few years and even though we’ve kept in touch she’s never mentioned this guy. Now she’s going to marry him?

Half Moon Bay will be having its annual Pumpkin festival on October 16 and 17, 2010. This event features carnivals, slides, pumpkin patches, gifts, a pumpkin weigh-in. The features a wide assortment of food and artisans and their wares. The festival takes up much of Main Street in Half Moon Bay. There are several places you can park; but these tend to fill up early.

I pulled into my Brother in laws around three –My Sister in law whirls out of the house –nice to see ya, the 566 is over there by the barn —Run it over and pick up the full hay wagon in the field. Dennys bailing seeYa Bye.

Write a mission statement for yourself that encompasses your purpose and values. Make sure it’s broad enough to include everything and specific enough that it guides your every action. Let it thrill you, even scare you with its magnitude. It should be awesome in the true sense of the word.

The Pumphouse Brewery was opened back in 1996 by four local technical engineers / entrepreneurs after a year long remodeling effort. Previously, the brewery site had been home to a wood and coal storage yard, a gas station and a car dealership. The Pumphouse Brewery is adjoined by the Red Zone Sports Bar. The brewery itself sits smack dab in the middle of the restauant. It’s four huge shiny fermentation tanks are easily viewable from all area of the restaurant.

Leaving here hungry isn’t an option either; traditional Bavarian fare served at the festival includes Bratwurst sandwiches, Schweinshaxe Dinners (for those of you who are not fluent, it means Pork knuckles), and potato pancakes, all sided with German potato salad and sauerkraut. If you have a little room left over after dinner and drink, satisfy your sweet tooth with either German or apple strudel.