No-Nonsense Quit Smoking Plans

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The next day, Saturday, I read the instructions that came with the gum. One suggestion was to pick a quit date that has significance to the quitter. Great. Monday was my 45th birthday. I figured quitting on that day would provide a mental dichotomy between my youth as a smoker and my maturing years as a non-smoker. Sounded good at the time.

Be persistent – The key to Quit Smoking by Hypnosis is to stick to your guns. Do not waver and keep on reminding yourself about the effects of smoking. You will soon realize that you haven’t had a eliquide pulp in ages (2-3 weeks at the very least). After that, don’t go back to smoking.

Hypnosis is the first of the easy ways to quit smoking. Unlike the usual methods, it does address the mind and seeks to “reprogram it” in a safe and well established way.

Determine the single worst contributor to your unhealthy life style and eliminate it. Immediately. NOW. Don’t change everything, just the WORST thing. One thing.

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