There Are So Many Things To Do In Orlando Florida

Most people think having a summer vacation on their favourite and popular destination will be too expensive for them to undertake. Hm, this is far from the truth. You can plan and visit those destinations you so much love and cherish while you are on a low budget.

Heading to Orlando and want to be treated like a VIP at Florida’s most popular theme parks? It’s easier than you might think to live the dream. Here is a guide on how to become a VIP guest at Orlando, Florida’s theme parks.

The obvious answer? Theme parks. Orlando is the world’s No. 1 vacation destination, and the incredible collection of theme parks plays the leading role.

Here we have this monster from outer space that likes to suck the life out of people and is quite strong and these poor people are stuck in Antarctica with it. Howard Hawk’s The Thing from Another World is a sci-fi horror masterpiece. The witty lines and horror of the monster is terrific. Carpenter’s version was good but can’t beat Hawks version.

All the big three theme parks in Orlando; Walt Disney World, Universal Studio Singapore and Sea World, have ride height requirements. All of them have rides made for little kids as well as more extreme rides made for teens and adults. If your child is not tall enough they will NOT let them on, no matter how sweet your smile is! Wearing platform shoes will not sway them either.

If hiking is your thing, Griffith Park has nearly 4500 acres of hiking trails. There are many hiking groups that meet at Griffith Park. You can hike into Griffith Park and see the old zoo or you could hike up to the Hollywood sign and feel like a star. We also have a newer zoo that features animals from around the world.

Hidden Gem: Rota Naval Air Station, Spain. There is a little-known Air Force detachment at Rota Naval Air Station. They are responsible for gassing up cargo planes that make frequent European stops. That being said, the Rota detachment is right along the sun coast of Spain. It is not too far from Morocco in Africa and a nice, scenic ride to Portugal. Bullfights, fresh sangria, and historic Spanish culture are all within your grasp.

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