Three Irrefutable Facts You Need To Know About Social Marketing

You can’t be online for long without hearing the mantra “the money is in the list,” and if you are looking to start making money with affiliate programs, then using e-mail marketing and building a list should be regarded as an essential part of your strategy. There are many reasons why this should be the case, in this article I will show you 4 of the main ones.

Younger people will not remember this but laundry detergent and gas stations use to give away items such as towels or glasses to draw in customers. Why not return to this type of advertising? Free give away offers in Sri Lanka are eye catching in a society where nothing is free. They do not have to be big prizes such as vacations or cars. You might want to find an item that relates to the product or service that your company has. If you are not interested in giving away gifts, you could always try discounts or coupons.

Farmer’s markets not only sell better quality produce, they can save you a bundle on that produce. Here is a perfect example of the little guy having an advantage. There is no middle man and those strawberries did not have to be trucked 3,000 miles to your local big box store.

Iflorist is a UK based flower company who provides Mother’s Day discount up to 50% during these days. A free worldwide flower delivery service is also available now to newvoucher customers who want to send flowers to their moms. It saves a lot if your mom is not living in the same country with you and the flowers will of course make the surprise even bigger.

Here are a few ideas. Try one on for size. Set up campaign postcards to go out once a month. Find or develop a system for remembering birthdays. For those in real estate, record closing dates and send anniversary cards. Veterinarians can record the birthdays of client’s pets and send birthday cards.

Research suggests it can take a prospect up to seven times of seeing your offer before they make a buying decision. You can see how being able to follow up with a series of messages can increase the percentage of visitors you convert into customers many times over.

These are just a few possibilities. There are many effective ways to motivate your employees beyond this list. In fact, if you are a new franchise owner and were previously an employee yourself, you can probably think of several ways that you felt motivated at a previous job, and use those ideas as a manager.

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