Tips On How To Make Money At Home Starting A Blog

When first embarking on a blogging journey, there are some knotty questions that usually beset one’s mind regarding how to blog. Let’s start with the basics.

All those newsletters are so darn interesting, that you can spend hours reading them, following interesting links, which lead to other interesting links, etc. Your site statistics can be equally diverting, especially if your site isn’t performing as well as you had hoped. If your stats are down, discouragement is easy to come by. This makes it hard to write. Conversely, if your site is performing better than you had hoped, you can easily get side tracked examining your traffic in minute detail, trying to figure out what you did right, so that you can do it again in the future. The odds are that your traffic spike is because you wrote a killer piece, which is exactly what you are not doing as you try to analyze your success.

If you want a wordpress cms website, you want them to mention easy installation. Should you want to build a website, look for a free website builder. Again you want the cPanel. They should allow you to add 100s if not unlimited web domains. Email should be offered as well.

Websites are old to me because so many are static and are outdated within a week or a month. But weblogs let you add content instantly with the click of a button.

Site engine submission: You will need to submit your site to several search engines. You only need to focus on the top search engines since this is where most traffic will be coming from. Some service providers online will suggest that submitting to thousands of search engines is necessary but that is not necessarily true.

Keep it simple. Don’t clutter up your blog with meaningless details. Select a simple clean appealing design. Use fonts and colors which increase text visibility. Add videos, audios, photographs and music files only if these make your blog more attractive and/or useful.

The best thing in my opinion about WordPress is that you can schedule posts to be posted automatically. So let’s say I write three posts in one day but I don’t want them to publish all in one day, I can schedule them to post throughout the week and they will. This is how you work smarter and not harder.

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